Sunday, 31 October 2010

Not My New Year

"Autumn, The Hermitage, Scotland"  by Picture Girl
As usual, I have read various articles and blogs relating to paganism and witchcraft as Samhain approaches. Having read the same statement several times over, I feel the need to use this blog to make a statement of my own: I do not consider Samhain the pagan new year. As it happens, not all pagans follow the same path and/or festivals and many do not believe Samhain to be the Celtic new year, myself included.

For me it is the final mark of the end of Summer, the beginning of winter as part of a never-ending cycle; a time to remember those of my family/clan who have passed; and a time for divination, as the veil becomes thinner.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mock the Week

"Mock the Week" did a piece on the recent acceptance of the TDN by the Charities Commission. It's a good laugh.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


From "The Guesting of Aithirne"

A good tranquil season is autumn,
there is occupation then for everyone
throughout the very short days.

Dappled fawns from the sides of the hinds,
the red stalks of the bracken shelter them;
stags run from the mounds
at the belling of the deer herd.

Sweet acorns in the high woods,
corn-stalks about cornfields
over the expanse of the brown earth.

Prickly thorn bushes of the bramble
by the midst of the ruined court;
the hard ground is covered with heavy fruit.
Hazelnuts of good crop fall
from the huge old trees of mounds.

~ translation by Kenneth Jackson