Monday, 22 March 2010

The Little Book of Ancient Charms

Author: T. F. Thisleton-Dyer
ISBN: 1901163067

This book is indeed little, being only 36 pages.  It was written in 1878 and is currently published by Oakleaf Books, in a very rough and ready manner.   The typeface is a little small for these tired eyes, but it was still an enjoyable little read.

The book covers charms for various medical conditions, as found across the British Isles.   There is a small selection of remedies given for each malady.  One particular favourite is the use of the actual hair of the dog to counteract intoxication which has been replaced, in modern times, with the imbibing of more of the alcohol that caused the complaint in the first instance.

There are footnotes should the reader wish to investigate further, but these lack detail and there is no bibliography.  

A charming read.

Rating: 3½/5. 

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