Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Pagan Census - Revisited

We are conducting an international survey of contemporary Pagans. If you are a Pagan we would appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey.

This survey builds on an earlier one completed over twenty years ago, primarily in the United States, which was conducted by Helen A. Berger and Andras Arthen (of the EarthSpirit Community) entitled the Pagan Census. At the time it was hoped that we could do a census of the entire Pagan population. Although that was not possible the data that was collected was the largest of it type and served as the basis of a book, Voices from the Pagan Census by Helen A. Berger (with Evan Leach and Leigh S. Shaffer). The survey data is now available on line at Murray Research Archive at Harvard University.

A number of scholars have noted that it would be helpful to have a follow-up of that survey to see if and how the community has changed or remained the same. The survey that follows uses many, although not all of the same questions that were in the original survey to provide that comparison. There are also new questions, for instance about the Internet, something that was of little interest 20 years ago but is now, and some from other studies, that again permit a comparison. This has resulted in the survey being somewhat long--we appreciate your taking the time to complete it.

We realize that the categories found in questionnaires like this one frequently do not do justice to the complexities of real life. For this reason, a number of open-ended items have been included that allow for more nuanced responses. You are also welcome to contact Helen A. Berger directly at HBerger (at)

Please inform other Pagans about this research project and feel free to pass it along via e-mail or to post a link on appropriate blogs or websites.

Thanks for your help.

Helen A. Berger
James R. Lewis
Henrik Bogdan

Monday, 7 September 2009

"Witchy Living" Podcast

I have recently been searching various podcasts to find things that might hold my interest on the commute to and from work (which can be anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours).   I have listened to some very good podcasts, that have almost professional production values, and I've heard some awful ones where the quality was poor and it wasn't worth the hassle of downloading and listening if only to save getting a headache.

One of the more interesting of podcasts I found was "Witchy Living" on Blog Talk Radio.   Although the hostess, Cairelle, seems to struggle with sound quality, the topics are interesting and it's well worth the odd bit of interference.   Combining hoodoo and witchcraft practices, the show has looked at the lighter (funnier) side of magic so far.   That said, the topic of hexes has arisen, so this blog does not shy away from ethical issues surrounding magical work.   When "Witchy Living" is going out live, there is a chat discussion at the fan website held concurrently, and it is possible to telephone the hostess and interact direct.   Despite these distractions for Cairelle, she does produce a podcast worth listening to.

I will continue to subscribe and I hope others give this unique blogging podcast a chance.

Friday, 4 September 2009


All the words in the world
cannot compensate

When all your worlds, in a word,
are now desolate

© Ancestral Celt 2009