Tuesday, 7 July 2009

£50,000 job for a witch ...

Wookey Hole is currently witchless

A Job Centre is advertising a "witch" vacancy with tourist site Wookey Hole, in Somerset, for £50,000 a year.

The witch, who has to live in the site's caves, is expected to teach witchcraft and magic.

Wookey Hole staff say the role is straightforward: live in the cave, be a witch and do the things witches do.

The advert for the post, placed in the local press as well as job centres, says applicants must be able to cackle and cannot be allergic to cats.

The job has come up after the previous witch retired from the role.

"We are witchless as the moment so need to get the role filled as soon as possible," said Daniel Medley from the tourist destination.

Read the rest of this article at: BBC News.

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Ancestry

The Ancestry - Jillian LaDage

I was listening to the Midsummer edition of The Celtic Myth Podshow and was taken aback by a track called "Midsummer" by Jillian LaDage. It transported me away to another time and place and I instantly loved it. I was so taken by it that I immediately downloaded it on iTunes, in the hope the other tracks were just as brilliant, before I realised I could preview the song as the website of Tarith Cote.

Even so, I wasn't disappointed. The album is described as "a journey that leads from the medieval sands of Turkey and the Byzantine Empire to the moors and legends of the ancient Celts". Its certainly a mixture of sounds, and haunting ones at that, but remains cohesive throughout combining sumptious music with storytelling songs in a sensual voice.

I wish I could elucidate on how this album made me feel. Its very much how I responded to
Sa Dingding's "Alive" album, and like that album, I have been playing these tracks non-stop since I downloaded them. Please go and try the samples of Jillian LaDage's album at the Tarith Cote website and let yourself be whisked off to lands of wonder.

Rating: 4.5/5