Saturday, 28 February 2009

Pagan Voices

I would be grateful if anyone is able to locate a copy of a book called "Pagan Voices" by Joe McGowan, published in Ireland in 2007. I have been searching for a reasonably priced copy for quite some time. So far, I have only located two copies, both of which are to be purchased through what appear to be unsecured websites. I am wary of this, as I had my credit card, and personal details ripped from another unsecured book site a few years ago.

I am prepared to pay postage and am happy to do a favour in return for anyone that can assist me.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What I believe ...

There has been a few postings about what people believe, some of which are quite deep and even intricate. I don't feel I have that level of understanding - yet. I would like to post a bit about what I believe though.

I believe in:

  1. the pre-Christian gods of the British Isles;
  2. genius loci, i.e. spirits of place and/or landscape;
  3. animism, i.e. spirits in plants, animals and some objects scientist might deign inanimate;
  4. ancestor worship;
  5. an energy, or force that permeates everything, though I am unsure as to its source (it could be the gods, or perhaps they are a part of it, like us);
  6. the effectiveness of magic and/or witchcraft, i.e. the ability of humans to source and utilise that energy and/or force;
  7. the connectiveness of all, not unlike the heathen Web of Wyrd.

Far from being comprehensive or complete, I will endeavour to add to this list as and when I can remember the rest of my beliefs.