Thursday, 22 January 2009

Another Convert away from Paganism

I have yet to read these entries, but I thought it worth noting that there has been information sent about another convert away from paganism, including the letter she sent to her new, Christian congregation.

You can read about it at: Reality Television Witch Converts.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Another Pagan Dating Site

Yes, that's right. I've found yet another pagan dating site, thanks to a visitor to this blog searching for it and winding up here, instead.

Its set up like a social networking site and its called, rather unoriginally, "
Pagan Dating". Having joined, I have realised I am one of a very few members who resides in the United Kingdom, however I'm hoping that will change very quickly as these networking sites seem to be very popular these days.

I do hope this one brings forth more interesting male members than the others, from which I've had very little interest, despite sending out various messages.

Friday, 9 January 2009

More Quesions than Answers

Well, it seems the issue of conversion, and the belief that a lack of a cohesive community within paganism being one of the causes has raised a lot of issues. I have spent most of this evening reading and responding to the various posts on the topic, the most interesting of which I read at "The Northwest Passage", whose commentators raised even more questions. I'm going to spend some time going over my own thoughts and may, or may not post further on these topics.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Deo and Carl McColman for writing about their experiences and braving any resultant criticisms/debates.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Moving Away from Paganism

This topic has arisen - again - in several forms over the last few days.

Today, I read a blog about pagan atheists, and then these two blogs, "Outgrowing Paganism?" and one of the responses, "Pagans are not a Community nor a Tribe -- Not Yet" on another blog. These linked to the article by pagan author, Carl McColman, [read his list of book titles here] on his converting to Catholicism from paganism, "After the Magic". Yesterday, I read the Rambling Corkgirls blog entry "Afraid of Gods?", which talked about the rise of atheist paganism and the attendant reader's comments.

I am curious as to other pagans might consider the reason people are turning away from paganism.

Personally, I don't buy the argument is because we are not a community or tribe, nor am I sure that people are "afraid of the gods" (though this was a tongue-in-cheek title). It seems strange to me, having come from a Catholic background, and having researched the tenets of several religions before realising my beliefs fell under the umbrella of pagan, that people could outgrow paganism and become atheists - just because the gods were silent. I have never believed the gods should always speak to us.

Similarly, I cannot understand Mr McColman's reasoning for Catholicism: the magic left, meditation didn't work anymore. As someone else recently said:

'The magic left?' So what about the catholic priest who claims to magically transform a wafer and a few drops of vino into the body of his God, by way of some mumbled mystical mutterings? Meditation didn't work anymore? So what about the spiritual exercises of the Jesuits, compliments of 'Saint' Ignacius De Loyola? Or the mind numbingly boring constant repetitious prayers of the rosary before a plaster catholic idol of your choice?
Source: An Fianna.

It like giving up a diet because you've hit a plateau, isn't it? Or, am I completely missing the point?

I should point out that I do not equate being pagan with a lifestyle choice, i.e. a countryside dweller and/or undertaking "green, crafty, farming, gardening, knitting or whatever activities" (to paraphrase a comment made at this blog).

Any thoughts, ideas welcome.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Moderating Fora

Further to my post of 14 October 2008, "Moderating Message Boards", once again I have been asked to join a moderating team. Its nice to know that people have such respect for me, and my contributions, to consider me for such a position.

Unfortunately, this time, I believe I am going to have to decline the position. As much as I would like to give something back to this particular forum, I won't have the time this year. I want to concentrate on my Gaelic in my spare time, and, to be honest, I have a feeling we will be very busy at work this year, leaving very little time on the internet to write my online journals, and participate in the various forums where I am a member, let alone undertake any kind of administrative duties for message boards.

Although I've not made any resolutions for this year, I have set myself some goals; one of which is to make headway in my "to be read" list of books, and in order to achieve that goal, I have set another whereby I will reduce the amount of time I spend surfing the internet. I haven't made a start yet, because I now need reading glasses and I am awaiting my prescription but, once I have my glasses, I will work out a timetable to ensure I meet my target of 20 books by December, which I feel is achievable.

So, if it appears I am not writing as much as before, its because I am studying (and practising) more. Either that, or work has indeed become manic.

Monday, 5 January 2009


Totally off topic, but I wanted a post to mark the passing of my Grandmother, Kathleen, on the weekend. At 93, my grandmother had lived a marvellous and long life but, having had her around so long, it's hard to believe she won't be there anymore. I just hope she is at peace, as I know she had been fretful and fearful towards the end.

I cherished the relationship I had fostered with her as an adult, and I'm extremely sad to lose her. At least I still have my other grandmother, who is one of my best, and closest friends.

I am unable to attend the funeral, as this will be taking place back in Australia on Friday, but I will be lighting a candle in her honour.