Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I had to deliver some horse chestnut wood to my friend's shop over the weekend. So, I called in and was snooping around as usual and she mentioned she had some new sterling silver charms.

I'm so glad I looked, as it turns out she had a lovely crystal ball charm, so I purchased it on the spot. If only I had the money to get the loose charms I have soldered on. I mentioned this to my friend and she is thinking about getting the equipment to do it herself, which will be grand, because every time my bracelet to a jeweller's to have the charmed affixed, they either forget to solder them or they bunch all the charms together. The last time I took them in, they attached a charm to the link used to close the bracelet.

As my friend has a new supplier, I am hoping she will get some more unusual charms in, preferably ones with colour or crystals, as mine is looking a bit plain. Well, as far as a charm bracelet with a pagan and witchcraft can look plain.

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